Even the most stable and strong workplace cultures can be shaken following a merger and acquisition. While these monumental shifts can shake up a workplace, integrating familiar cultural elements can help stabilize and fortify your evolving business. As one of the most influential changes that a business can undergo, you need to be mindful of how to reintroduce cultural elements following this vast shift.

Understand Common Barriers

Following a major event like an acquisition, your staff may feel uncertain or unsure. If you want to forge ahead with a sense of security, you need to first accept the perception of instability and the importance of company culture. Consider the vast impact that the acquisition, its impact on your staff and how you can best reintroduce your new team in a positive and promising way forward for everyone. Take the time to understand the differences between the cultures of the 2 organizations that you acquired and develop a clear understanding of the differences before proceeding.

Focus on Clear and Frequent Communication

Because there is a great deal of vulnerability within the organization following a merger and acquisition, you need to rely on communication as a steadying force. Being able to offer transparent and honest information about the future of the company will help fortify its future, establish trust and support a healthier transition.

Take Time to Celebrate

Change can feel jarring and scary, so you need to help to reframe this experience. Take time to celebrate this new relationship, its wondrous opportunities for growth and exciting next steps. By doing so you can show your team that this is something to be celebrated and not feared.

Outline Your New Corporate Culture

There will always be changes and cultural shifts to adjust to, regardless of the companies. If you want to help your newly formed organization to succeed, everyone needs to be on the same page. Whether you are diving into values, the mission, vision or how the day-to-day work will change, you must take the time to make sure everyone understands the corporate culture of this new entity. Without this, you are likely to have misaligned, confused or dissatisfied employees.

Take Your Time and Embrace Intentionality

Potentially most importantly, you cannot expect that these changes will happen instantaneously. Take the time to develop a brand identity that everyone can get behind and establish common ground. You need to invest in your employees, the new brand and this new relationship if you want your return on investment.

Mergers and acquisitions will always present unique and challenging effects; however, if you take the time required to set up your corporate culture for success, you can ensure that this move was well worth it.